Sunday, March 24, 2013

hot chocolate 15k recap

people! i think i have found my perfect distance!!!  i felt great for the entire run, and had no issues afterwards! :)

who knew san diego was so hilly? i didn't. this race was one hill after another. we even started on an uphill.

i really enjoyed this race.

i took my family to the expo the day before. it was within walking distance of our hotel. it was small but had samples of the hot chocolate and chocolate fondue, which the boys loved. the hoodies ran small so they had an area to try them on and exchange for a larger size. i opted not to change mine, but i wish i had.

the morning was sunny and really nice. i walked to the start line with a group of people who were also staying at the hotel. everyone was so nice and in a great mood. i had calculated my proposed finish time the night before. hubby and the kids were going to meet me there so they could sleep in.

the music was pumping and the atmosphere was jubilant at the start line.  the crowd was mostly women, but a few brave men joined the ranks. the 15k started after the 5k so people were already crossing the finish line before i got to start.

the run started uphill and set the tone for the whole race. up and down and up and down and up and down. most of the hills were short but there were a few longer climbs. i kept in contact with hubs via text.

there were a lot of twists and turns but the course was well-marked. the scenery was amazing, the weather was perfect and the support from the locals was great.

the finish line ended after a nice downhill sprint. i crossed the finish line early (thanks lower elevation!) and my family almost missed it. luckily, the made it in the nick of time. the boys went with me to pick up my 'snacks' and the volunteers generously gave them each a tray of goodies as well.

it should have been the best chocolate of my life, but after the run i was not in the mood to eat at all. lol. i drank part of the hot chocolate, dipped the banana in some chocolate and gave the rest to my husband. he finished off my marshmellows, pretzels, rice krispie and other items with chocolate fondue on the way back to the hotel.

he said that this was a race he wouldn't mind coming to annually.  i have to agree. it was a very sweet race, indeed.

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