Saturday, June 8, 2013

grill it

my mother-in-law sent home several grilling magazines with the hubs.  i went through and highlighted what i would like to try this summer.

seafood brochettes with chive butter
diablo shrimp skewers
chicken and mushroom yakitori 
pineapple beef and mushroom kabobs over rice
steak, potato, broccoli and red pepper kabob toss
pork kabobs with ginger and garlic dressing
grilled portobello burgers with yellow peppers and fresh mozzarella
chili-glazed salmon burger
grilled chicken caesar burger with parmesan
jalapeno popper burgers with cream cheese and pepperjack
fig-a-licious pork burgers with gorgonzola
summer squash souvlakia with tzatziki
double-grilled grilled vegetable sandwich
mango shrimp and goat cheese pita
cubano sandwich
napa valley pizza with kale, grapes and swiss
pesto pizza with summer squash, tomatoes and ricotta
citrus shrimp pizza
summer garden pizza with bacon, eggplant, corn, carrots and parmesan
prosciutto pizza with nectarines, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar
bbq chicken and peppercini pizza with fresh mozzarella
eggplant caprese salad
grilled tomato and cucumber salad with pine nuts
grilled peach salad with blueberries and feta cheese
grilled watermelon salad with edamame
grilled pear and kale salad
thai shrimp and cucumber salad
grilled shrimp salad with watermelon, tomatoes and feta
blt coleslaw salad
teriyaki chicken raspberry salad
ramen-veggie chicken salad
tuscan chicken and pepper salad
grilled steak bruschetta salad
grilled pork tenderloin salad with grilled grapefruit, pistachios and avocado
roasted vegetables and orzo
moroccam pasta with grilled tuna
grilled chicken with chickpeas, marinated tomatoes, roasted red peppers in fettuccine
beef and blue cheese penne with walnuts, spinach, yellow tomatoes and pesto
grilled baby veggies with argula-mint pesto sauce
plank smoked portobello mushrooms (with sharp cheddar, spinach, pecans and bread crumbs)
greek-style squash with parmesan
grilled zucchini and pattypan squash with pesto and balsamic vinegar
corn and goat cheese stuffed zucchini boats
green chilis stuffed with guacamole
spinach and artichoke stuffed mini peppers
bacon-wrapped asparagus
cualiflower crunch with cashews and bacon
grilled broccoli
cheesy potatoes and broccoli
bloody mary fanned potatoes
sweet potato hash with black beans and scallions
grilled green beans
grilled romaine with tomatoes and blue cheese
orange-maple glazed halibut
pineapple shrimp packets
curried peanut chicken with red peppers
steak quesadilla with mandarin oranges and cheddar

don't these sound good?  do you like to experiment on the grill?

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