Thursday, September 12, 2013

nighttime running

before the ragnar, i had never run in the dark.  at dusk? sure.  at dawn? ha!  you know me better than that!  not a chance.

i was nervous about the nighttime run.  if we all ran on schedule, i would be running at about 3:00.  in. the. morning.  it's fine to stay up until then, but run at that time?  i wasn't sure how that was going to go.

i probably should have practiced running at night.  after all, there was the reflective vest to maneuver, the blinking light to figure out, the headlamp to get adjusted to.  but i didn't.  because... well, i have no reason for why i procrastinated.

i ended up running at 2am.  the nighttime run ended up being my favorite part of the ragnar!  although i had my ipod with me, i never once turned it on.  i listened to the crickets.the river.a passing heartbeat.the wind in the grass.the runner's footfalls behind me.the silence that wasn't silent.  everything had a surreal quality to it.  it was absolutely amazing.

what is your experience with nighttime running?  do you incorporate into your running schedule or avoid it?

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