Monday, October 28, 2013

seasonal depression

when it gets dark and the days become shorter, i lose my energy and focus.  i want to sleep more and run less. (and let's be honest, can i afford to run less? no.) my average sleep a night jumps from 6 hours to needing 10 or more, and still feeling tired.  seasonal depression is not fun.  this year, i am going to purchase a sunlamp and take more vitamin d to see if that helps.

does the change in seasons affect you? do you have any suggestions to help combat the depressed feelings?

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  1. Hi! found you through runchat :) We just moved to VT from MS and I got a thing from amazon that slowly turns your lamp on (or whatever light you hook it up to) in the morning to simulate a sunrise. It works like the expensive alarm clock version but didn't cost as much. The brand is "Lighten Up" (haha) and they have two versions. It's really helped me a lot to wake up in the morning. Maybe it will help you too? :) Sorry you had a bad first crossfit experience, hopefully it will get better!


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