Saturday, May 12, 2012

offering advice

you're a decent runner.  you know it, and so do all your friends.

except, well... you stink at running.

sure, you get out there and run a race.  sure, you show off the medals you've earned.  sure, you talk about the next race you are 'training' for.  when it comes up in conversation, you lie and say running rocks, and offer advice to your unsuspecting friends, but it's time to admit the truth.  (go on, you are not alone.)

okay, maybe it's just me and i am all alone. 


i have joined a friend as she starts the 'couch to 5k' program.  supposedly for moral support.  supposedly to coach her.  but it's time for me to admit that i am not the seasoned runner i pass myself off to be.  i struggle.  this blog has chronicled HOW MUCH i struggle.  we are on week 2 and i find myself watching the clock to see when i can stop running to take a walk break. 

it seems like maybe i need to stop reading about speed work/hills/farklets and get back to the basics.  just running.

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