Thursday, July 12, 2012


this confession isn't going to shock anyone.

i am a slacker.

it feels good to throw it out there.  get it off my chest and out in the open.  i know that i know.  you know that i know.  now i know that you know.  hopefully there is some karma in there.

i have an obstacle course run in two weeks that i have done absolutely nothing to prepare for it.  3 miles.  11 obstacles.  mud.

am i likely to have fun?  probably.
am i likely to find other slackers as unprepared as i am?  possibly.
am i likely to want to do another one?  maybe.
am i likely to complete all the challenges? probably not.

this morning, i set out to prove to myself that even without training, i would still be just fine.  that i could do 20 push-ups no problem.  at 7, i fell on my face in a heap of disgrace.  disappointing, to put it mildly.  at least i did the army crawl convincingly enough that my dog joined in.  (or maybe i looked so pitiful, she just felt sorry for me.  i am not going to speculate.)

what can i do in the next two weeks to get me ready for an obstacle run?  any super-human tips to be able to do a pull-up by then?

**do you have any fitness confessions to make?

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