Sunday, August 12, 2012


i need some help!

my boys play hockey.  they love it.  they live for it.  it works because the local rink is about 8 blocks away.  :)  imagine the horror when we found out our local skate rink changed hands and isn't doing a fall hockey session.  horror!  it was bad. 

what are the boys going to do while we wait for the winter session?  have are three alternatives. 

1) inline hockey at a different rink [con: it takes an hour during rush hour traffic to get there three times a week]
2) ice hockey [con: it is a couple thousand per boy, but goes until april so we don't have to worry about fall and spring sessions]
3) football [con: most leagues started in july so the boys will have missed team formation, bonding and over a dozen practices]

i honestly can't figure out which is the biggest con; the travel, the money or being the lowest priority on the team.  gah!  i need help.  parents, which option would you choose for your kids?

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