Wednesday, May 8, 2013

vote for our team name

Rookies running the rockies
Ragnar rookies
No dudes, 24 boobs
We were promised a mountain lion
We're just here for the view
We got the runs
I am only running this fast because I have to pee
Team road kill
Run for the hills
Wine and wonderbras
Funner runner club
Wicked women warriors
Just average Janes
Our van is faster than yours
Who needs sleep?
Your pace or mine?
No runner left behind
Runners have more runs
Farklets are funny
Highly winded
Did it just get longer and harder?
Help, I can't turn off the treadmill
Friends with slow paces
Keep chasing the open bar
Did I shave my legs for this?
Runners groove
This van's runnin' on empty
What happens in the Ragnar van stays in Ragnar van
Blister competition later
Huffing awesome
I just wanna feel this moment
We can go all night
Our bowling team got lost
Drinking team with a running problem
Tulo-git to quit
This is my community service
Hurts so good
Shower power
Sole satisfaction
I bought new shoes
What hill?
Bad asphalt
We'll leave you breathless
One more mile won't kill you
Pretending to be normal
Altitude adjustment
Swag stealer
No da feet
For the run of it
Chuck Norris said I could finish
We signed up for jury duty...
Turtles unite
Rack pack
Finish your obLONGations
Slept my way to the finish
I didn't get enough gold stars in school

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