Monday, May 20, 2013

colfax half marathon recap

hi dad! another year down.  the anniversary of your death was easier this year.  we made a cake and had a little celebration in your memory this morning.  the boys are getting to be so big.  you'd be impressed with them.  they bring you up often and i know they miss you watching them play sports.  unlike you, they like to cook and help out in the kitchen.  :)  i spent yesterday in the company of firemen.  no, the boys didn't burn the house down.  i did the colfax half again.
the start time was later by an hour, which i appreciated.  my morning did not feel rushed to get to the race.  when i met up with marlene, however, i realized that i had forgotten mascara (again).  now, i know i can survive a half marathon without mascara, but... firemen!  at mile 8.  and mile 11.  and the finish.  firemen!  t wasn't with us for the half because she wimped out and did the full. (ha! see what i did there?)
we saw some really cool shirts.
and people running in remembrance of boston.
and we got to run through the zoo.
marlene and i had a respectable pace going.  it was a little slower than i felt capable of, but this was her first half marathon and she had struggled with the longer training runs.  i can relate to that.  (even though i have done a pretty good job at being consistent lately.)  they had free runner tracking, so we were right on pace for an under 3 hour finish up to mile 6 and a little over 3 hours by mile 8.
we walked miles 9, 10 and 11.
i took my picture with the firemen, but marlene said that she couldn't stop moving or she just stop.  she missed out.  they were hunky.  i am not sure hot half-naked firemen make 13.1 worth it, but it definitely helps.
we started running again (15 second run, 1 minute walk) at mile 12.  we met up with the marathoners at mile 13 and sprinted to the finish.  t finished her marathon a few minutes before marlene and i crossed the end.  4:44 was her marathon time.  seriously, no words for that girl.  no. words.  we finished in 3:27.  i'd say marlene is pooped.  (but there is a hint of a smile. do you see it? i think she's hooked.)
the bling is pretty fantastic this year.  i heart this medal.
i am grateful i didn't have a breakdown this year.  and the lack of mascara did not affect my performance, although i still don't recommend it.  :)  i really loved running through the zoo.  it was a neat experience dad; you would have liked it.  i miss you.  happy three years in heaven.


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