Monday, June 4, 2012

deadwood mickelson trail half-marathon update

this was my first run that i completed without wearing mascara.  i survived.  i don't recommend it.

the alarm went off at 4:30 and i was not ready to get up.  the night before, i slept awful.  awful.  but i got up and got ready.  i ate breakfast (orange juice, v8, blueberry bagel with butter, a banana).  m came over and we drove up to the race bus.

the race bus took us to the start line (my sister-in-law j was on the same bus as us).  at the start line, we did the porta-potty thing, grabbed some fuel (bananas and bagels) to carry with us and stood around waiting.  i ran into several old friends, including my friend t.

the start was great!  it was a little different than last year with the placement of the running pace signs, but overall, i liked it.  we agreed to walk the first mile before starting to run.  guess what?  we did!!!  i actually stuck to my plan for once!  m and i didn't talk much.  both of us were listening to music, but it was nice to have companionship.  the weather was perfect.

i started to run out of steam at about mile 9.  instead of running 2 minutes, walking 1, i was running 1 minute, walking 2.  not sure if it was the heat or what, but check out how red my [mascara-less] face was.  i could tell i was holding m back.  i told her if she needed to to go on ahead but she stayed with me.

at mile 11, m took off and i finished alone.  the last 2 miles went by pretty quickly.  the nice thing about m going on ahead was that she was there at the finish line to take pictures of me.  it probably should have been the other way around since this was her first half marathon, but oh well.  :)  it's all about me, people.

m's time was 2:53:34, which is a 13:15 minute mile. awesome job! mine was 2:59:25, a 13:42 minute mile.  crazy the difference 30 seconds over time will make.  last year, my time at this half was 3:34 so i was happy to break the 3 hour mark.  by the way, have i mentioned how much i like medals?  yeah, i like them.

i think this is the best i have felt after any half.  yay, progress.

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