Saturday, June 2, 2012

what do you eat when you are camping?

as the title indicated we are camping!  not any kind of camping, though.  rv resort camping.  it is the very best kind.  :)  no roughing-it-while-sleeping-on-the-ground-and-not-getting-to-shower for this girl.  no.  we have a cabin.  with a kitchen (and a shower).  and a heated pool.  and tennis courts.  and mini golf.  and a lodge to watch movies/play cards in.  and tons of places to cycle.  the perfect camping experience.

so what do you eat when you are camping?  we try to eat as simply as possible.

here is our plan:
f - blueberry bagels with butter
s - cocoa crispies with milk and bananas
s - blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese
m - raisin bran and bacon
t - cocoa crispies with milk and bananas
w - pancakes and sausage
t - raisin bran and bacon
f - cocoa crispies with milk and bananas
f - hotdogs, chips, yogurt, fruit cup and lemonade
s - lunchable, string cheese, apple with peanut butter
s - peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, pear
m - lunchable, string cheese, green grapes
t - roast beef and green pepper sandwich, chips, snack pack pudding
w - lunchable, string cheese, cherries
t - turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, fruit cup and hi-c
f - lunchable, string cheese, orange
f - nachos with beans, cheese and jalapenos
s - frozen chicken alfredo meal, salad
s - snack bar and ice cream (half-marathon)
m - grilled cheese, tomato soup, canned green beans
t - snack bar and ice cream (potluck with friends)
w - blt's, cucumbers with dip, canned corn, s'mores
t - canned soup, potato salad, salad
f - clean up any leftovers or eat at snack bar

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