Tuesday, April 16, 2013

thoughts on the boston marathon

here are some posts i made on facebook about the bombings:

Boston feels deeply personal to me. The bomber was not going after the runners. The bomber was going after spectators. The bomber was going after my husband, my boys, my family and friends who watch me run. That scares me.

But I know I have things I want to do. I know my body is not as strong as I'd like. I know I will not let that stop me. I know I may pause at the finish line, but I will not freeze. I'm going to cross anyway. I know my family will be there to cheer me on. I know we will not let fear control us. I know you will not win. I will win. I will run and run and run. Spectators will still watch me run. To spite you.

I run. I won't stop. I run not only in remembrance of Boston, but also for the 31 other deaths yesterday due to bombings. I run because terrorism is not okay. Ever. I run. I won't stop.

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