Monday, April 8, 2013

another platte river recap

what a gorgeous day for a run!  blue sky, sunny, warm - much different than last year.  i met up with t and r at the portapotties for a photo op.
the platte river trail is not that pretty, but it has its moments.
i went to boxing on thursday.  it was pretty intense.  so intense that my thighs were still sore on sunday.  nothing horrible, but i definitely wasn't in top form.  i was also sporting my brand new shoes.  this was their first 13 miles.  i decided to break them in.  aren't they so pretty?  they treated me fairly well, until i got a small blister on my right foot at mile 12.  can't really complain about that.  plus, aren't they so pretty?
i crossed the start line about five minutes after 8am.  i completed the first mile in 13 minutes and felt pretty good.  mile two was done in 11 minutes.  mile three was back at 13 minutes.  the soreness in my thighs started to relax and go away.  my plan was to run 2 songs, walk 1 and try to keep a consistent pace, but by mile four, i had to walk.  mile four took 17 minute.
mile five went pretty quickly with another 11 minute mile.  i stopped for a quick 3 minute bathroom break and mile six was slower at 14 minutes.  mile seven and eight were both a steady 13 minutes.
t finished right when i hit mile nine.  she is so speedy.  my thighs started to get uncomfortable again so i walked mile nine in 20 minutes.  along the way, i met chuck.  say hi to chuck.  chuck is 80 and still running half marathons.  eight. zero. isn't that amazing? i hope i am still active at that age.  heck, i hope i am still around at that age.  chuck took my picture running.  chuck is a good guy.

mile ten was a 10 minute mile, which i was please with.  i stopped for another 3 minute bathroom break.  mile eleven was 13 minutes.  mile twelve was a little bit faster at 12 minutes.  i just wanted to get to the finish line.  the hill this year wasn't so horrible because a) i knew about it and b) i didn't have to re-run up it three times chasing a stupid hat.  although the bridge did seem to last forever.  the last mile point one took 15 minutes.  my official time was 3:00:58, an average of 13:48 minute miles.
i admit to being disappointed that my time wasn't that much faster than last year's.  i crossed the finish line and got my shiny medal.  my husband and boys were at the finish line to cheer me on.  i am conflicted about how the race went.  on one hand, i had a few pretty good miles, but on the other, i do not see much improvement in my speed.  three minutes off does not seem impressive at all.
shiny, shiny medal.  i am never disappointed in you.

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