Saturday, April 6, 2013

your skirt or mine?

what do you think of running skirts?  personally, i love them. i love how it fits and i love how it makes me feel.

two that i wear are skirtsports and running skirts.  in fact, i don't wear anything but skirts to run in.

apparently, there is some controversy on looking cute while running.  it is not done if you are 'serious' about running.  who gets to decide these things?  who gets to make the comment that a 'true runner' wears running shorts?  who says that you can't wear the event shirt until after they have 'earned' it?

i don't get it.

on one hand, running is the most inclusive sport out there.  and on the other, there is always someone trying to perfect the ranks so that we all run the same and look the same and sound the same.

i am going to continue to wear skirts and feel cute when i am running.  try and stop me from claiming to be a runner.

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