Thursday, December 12, 2013

i tried crossfit again...

whoops, i did it again!

tried crossfit, i mean. at a different box. after posting my experience, several people told me that the experience k and i had was not typical. to recount my complaints:
1. it was unfriendly
2. it was late getting started and ran long
3. it was a road to being injured (coach would not correct our form and had us repeat the exercises until we magically got it right)
4. just the warm-up was super exhausting, making the (fairly simple) wod feel almost impossible
5. there was no cool down/stretch

yes, i know i complain a lot.

i feel that complaint 3 was the worst though. being told to repeat an exercise that you have never done before without individual correction is a recipe for disaster. i have goals and being injured because of stupidity does not make my list.

i was very apprehensive about trying out big horn crossfit. really? how different can one box be from the other?

apparently, A LOT DIFFERENT!

big horn crossfit was different from the moment k and i walked in the door. we were greeted with a smile. we were asked our names and felt like the people asking them genuinely cared. class started on time. our warm-up was a simple 4 minute row/jump rope, 25 burpees and some stretching. the atmosphere was light and jovial.

the wod was 500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups. it wasn't easy, but i didn't feel like it was going to kill me either. i felt like i could modify and not be judged for not squatting my rear all the way to the ground or taking a break in the middle of the push-ups.

in all honestly, i would go back again.

i do have two complaints. (i know, i know!) the first is that there was no group cool down. possibly i am too spoiled by other group fitness classes, but i need a cool down and, baby that i am, i hate doing it by myself. the second is cost. i am aware that crossfit is more expensive than typical gyms, but dang if the price isn't way out of my budget at this time. i could make it work if i gave up yogacycle, but let's be honest... that is not going to happen.

so until i win the lotto (or big horn offers a groupon), i guess it's complaints and yogacycle for me. :) p.s. i have one more complaint. why haven't i won the lottery?!? (c'mon now. you knew that was coming.)

**thanks to brian and heather for encouraging me to come try big horn crossfit. if anyone is looking for a legit crossfit box in the denver metro area, i highly recommend these guys. it is a really good group of people!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! (PS That's how I found Big Horn-- through a Groupon!)


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