Tuesday, January 8, 2013

50 states

i am really serious about running in all 50 states.  i think it is a goal that i can complete in 13 years if i hit 4 states a year.  wow!  me, running for the next 13 years!  how old will i be when i am done?  wait, let's not go there.  in 2012, i hit colorado, south dakota and wyoming. if i just did 3 states a year, it would take 17 years. 

i am totally inviting myself over to all my high school and college friends' houses for the next several years.  since i have momentum (and permission), i have 6 states planned out for the next couple years.
arizona, california, new york, wyoming, washington and nevada in 2013.
texas, california, nebraska, illinois, washington and virginia in 2014.
ohio, oklahoma, oregon, florida, idaho and hawaii in 2015.
arizona, tennessee, south dakota, iowa, missouri and minnesota in 2016.
(yes, i know there are some repeats but i am not going to turn down any opportunity to stay with a friend.)  i am sure it will slow down after i have exhausted the friends-and-relatives connections.

anybody up for a road trip?  :)

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