Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i am not sore

so... compression socks... let's talk about the pink elephant in the room.  by pink elephant in the room, i mean pink compression socks on my feet.  they are pink, they are tight, they go from my toes to my knees.  i don't know how compression socks work.  i don't even know if they really work.  but i feel great.  like i could run a half marathon or something.  (ha! i crack myself up!)

maybe i feel great because i am stronger (RAWR!).  or maybe i feel great because of the change in elevation (mile high to sea level, yo).  or maybe it is the compression socks.  whatever, i'll take it.  and look cute in pink too.

do you know what goes really well with hot pink compression socks?  white capris and a red tank top.  i look like a baseball player reject.  :)

funny story about buying my new sexy socks.  the sales person asked t her shoe size (a 9) and told her she was a medium, then asked me my size (a 7) and asked to see my calves.  to which he immediately replied 'oh boy, you're a medium too'.  i think the 'oh boy' was a compliment on my muscular sexiness, don't you?  either that, or he was saying i have calves as big as an elephant.  let's go with the first one.

*do you know what makes compression socks work to reduce muscle soreness?

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