Sunday, January 20, 2013

phoenix rock and roll half update

after getting off the plane, t and i went to the expo.  i normally don't go to these, so it was fun to browse the booths.  i bought a '13.1' car decal and we both bought compression socks.  since t is such a great runner, i decided to copy whatever she did.  (maybe it will rub off on me.) if she bought something, i bought something; if she ate something, i ate something; if she salted something, i salted something.  just call me mini-t.  the copycat.  it's cool to have a nickname, ya know.  *ahem*  that you give yourself. *ahem*
the morning of the race came early.  the boys had given me some items to run with for 'good luck' so i took a picture with them before starting - a very stylish headband and bracelets*.  i am pretty, oh so pretty, i am pretty and witty and...  i ate a protein bagel and we hopped on the public tram to get to the start line.  *hey, do not get distracted by the beautiful bling; there is shinyness (yes, that is a word i made up because i'm cool like that) at the end of the post to admire.
t had a few friends from work that were also running the race and i had a friend who was doing the 5 mile course.  after exchanging some humorous texts ['where are you?'  'i don't know.  where are you?'  'i'm in the middle of a crowd.  where are you?'], we finally met up.
t started in a faster corral than i did; she was in 4 and i was in 18.  we both signed up for the text alert that allowed us to follow the others progress.  super cool!  t hit the 5k mark before i even started the course!  i started out the race with a and her sister.  we walked the first 3 miles together before the courses split.  after that, i ran/walked.  i passed the 3 hour pacer!  huge deal for super slow me!
the course was pretty flat.  it was a very warm day.  the scenery was really different with palm trees and cactus.  there were lots of signs and bands along the way.  t finished the half right when i was passing the 10k mark.  i will not talk about how jealous i am of her mad running skillz.  no i will not.
instead i will tell you about gu.  i used the gu that was provided along the way.  BIG MISTAKE!  my belly does not like gu at all.  i've used gu two times and both times i've had intestinal issues.  i hit the bathroom two times before the end of the race and the 3 hour pacer passed me during the second one.  boo, not cool.  i finished in 3:03.  t teased me that i could have probably finished in under 3 hours if i hadn't stopped to take so many pictures (i took about 45ish).  i think she is probably right.  :)  still, pictures are cool.  cooler than tummy trouble.
here is my pretty medal.  it is very heavy.  i think i am going to sleep with it for several weeks because i am cool.  my sixth half marathon medal.  how cool am i?  very cool.  this medal proves it.  do you think i said 'cool' enough during this race recap?  just in case, i better say it a couple more times. i'm cool for running, you're cool for reading.  cool, cool, cool.  which the weather was not, by the way.  cool, i mean.
and that was the phoenix rock and roll half marathon.  the end.  cool.


  1. You're a (heavy) medal chick for sure! :) Great job!

    1. i love the pun! :) thanks jonathon!

  2. Replies
    1. it was so much fun janna! great girls weekend.


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