Wednesday, February 8, 2012

chili over potatoes

i like a lot of veggies in my chili. i add:
green peppers, jalapenos and onions
tomatoes (stewed and diced, from a can)
corn (fresh off the cob from the freezer or canned)
sliced carrots
mushrooms (sometimes by themselves or sometimes with meat, baby portobello works the best)
pumpkin (pureed)
and of course, eaten over regular russet potatoes

in the past i have tried adding:
green beans (the taste was okay, but we couldn't get past the visual)
spinach (works in a white chicken chili but not in regular, again the appearance)
sweet potatoes

veggies i want to try:
zucchini and summer squash (so long as they don't turn to mush)

ones i don't think i'd try:
brussel sprouts

**what about you? what have you tried and what wouldn't you do?

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