Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my favorite time of the year

my favorite time of the year in denver is the two week period, called 5280 week, when higher end restaurants open their doors to the lowly and offer a three- or four- course meal for two for the tiny price of $52.80. ahhh, it makes me all tingly just to think about it.

reservation was sunday, feb 26 at 7:30
- the wait-staff was amazing. here's our food:

reservation was tuesday, feb 28 at 5:30
- this is one of my very favorite restaurants in the metro area. it is my go-to place when i don't know what i want, but i know i want to eat out. here's our food:

reservation set for thursday mar 1 at 7:30
- i have been harassing my husband to take me here for months now. i am confident that we are going to love it!

http://www.denver.org/denverrestaurant/menu?id=694&Barolo+Grill or http://www.denver.org/denverrestaurant/menu?id=544&Caf%E9+Brazil&c=yes
saturday mar 3
- where we go will depend on which one my in-laws prefer.

reservation set for tuesday, mar 6 at 7
- i can't wait to try the open faced lobster ravioli with sun-dried cherries, spinach and fresh mozzarella in a light curried lobster sauce. divine!

reservation set for thursday, mar 8 at 7
- this is the restaurant i am most excited about only because it is so close to our house and it would be nice to have a go-to fancy-shmancy place nearby. okay, okay, we already have several, but fancy-shmancy restaurants nearby are just like diamonds. you can never have too many.

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