Sunday, February 12, 2012

weekend weakness...

i love the weekends. they don't love me back. during the week, i am more structured about my schedule. during the weekends, i go with the flow. going with the flow sometimes means i don't have time for a run.

take this weekend: i was at a scrapbooking retreat with some girlfriends. we had a great time, eating, drinking, laughing, hanging out and cropping. what i didn't make time for was exercising. according to my jeff galloway training i was scheduled for a 4 mile run. ha. not going to happen.

and now i am behind. sigh.

next weekend my brother and his family come into town and i have a 5 mile run scheduled. i know that making the time to get away is important, but i put it off until it is too late to do.

**do you have some tips that you can share to help me make time for exercising on the weekend?

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