Monday, January 30, 2012

all signed up

i think i might be just a little bit crazy. i am signed up for three, count 'em three, half-marathons in three months. how did that happen you ask? well, let me tell you how i lost my sanity.

last year, my first half-marathon was the deadwood mickelson trail. my sister-in-law has done it for several years now and i was supposed to run it with her. instead, i ended up having surgery in april and just walked it. i was proud of myself for walking it, but i told myself that i would run it this year instead.

june half-marathon - check.

a few weeks later, a friend of mine, danika, sent out an email asking for friends to run the colfax half-marathon with her. i checked the calendar and i had just enough time for training so i agreed.

may half-marathon - check.

finally, my friend from high school, trina, sent me a message on facebook asking me to join them in running the platte river half (she ran it last year with friends). i will only be at the 10-mile mark in my training, but i am a sucker for a 10th anniversary medal. :)

april half-marathon - check.

yep, mental.

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