Monday, January 2, 2012

this is the picture...

i started couch to 5k in may 2009 with my friend amy. i joined myfitnesspal (a calorie counting website) in november of 2009. i knew i was only two pounds from obese and 'something' needed to change, but i wasn't serious about either one.

this is the picture that changed my life. it was taken in march 2010. it convinced me that what needed changing was *me*.

i cringe at this picture; i hate how i look. before this picture, i could rationalize that i still looked as good as i did in high school wedding day ...after i had kids. i would tell myself people couldn't tell i was overweight. in fact, some of the people in my life were telling me how 'small' and 'petite-looking' i was. really? this picture smacked me right in the face with the reality that i had let myself get fat.


so i lost 30 pounds in 2010 and it felt really good. i maintained that throughout 2011 (i wanted to lose more but seemed to sabotage myself). i need to lose 15 more pounds to be in a healthy weight range. 2012 is my year.

that picture made me sad but it also motivated me. without that picture, i would still be in denial.

do you hide from the camera or have a picture that you hate? does it motivate you to change your life?


  1. 2010---I lost 38 lbs....2011....nothing!! I'm motivated to lost the rest this year!!! I'm with you in that movement...God will see us through and continue to keep us accountable!!!


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